Drywall / Paint

Most of our crew started their construction career doing drywall. ABS can do popcorn removal, common orange peel or knockdown texture, skip trowel or just about any specialty textures. Whether it’s a small patch or 1,000+ sheets we can get you taken care of.

Paint is a very important part of your building or home. Paint is a waterproofer and wood protector. Without proper paint upkeep more expensive problems like wood rot turns into costly repairs. One of the biggest mistakes we run across is the painter before us didn’t use the proper steps, for example, skipping primer. When primer is skipped the paint will begin to chip away and/or rot. When not priming drywall your paint job may look transparent or begin to come off easily. There are more steps involved to painting than rolling some paint on a wall. Without those steps you may only get 1/2 or less the life of that paint and void warranties. Let us help you with paint project for a professional outcome every time.